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Process Signal Data Loggers

SL2100 - High Precision Data Logger

  • 8 Channels
  • 16 Bit Resolution
  • Digital Output
  • Store 112,000 Readings

The SL2100 is a high performance data logger with 16 bit resolution. It has eight channels that can be configured via software to accept mA, mV, low level DC voltage and thermocouple sensors. Three additional channels can be configured as pulse counters or  digital inputs.

Although mains powered, the SL2100 has internal batteries that will last eight hours in the event of a power failure. There is enough internal memory to log 112,000 readings at sample rates from once per second to once per day in one second increments.
The SL2100 can be configured to log 'off-line' to its own internal memory, or, if connected to a computer, 'on-line'. Where the data are stored on the hard disk of the computer. When using 'on-line' mode, data can be display as a real-time graph.The SL2100 also has a relay output that can be used as an alarm output.

Technical Details