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Pressure Data Loggers

SL963X - Pressure Data Loggers

This Product Has Been Discontinued 

The SL963 is a high performance, high quality pressure data logger. A self contained pressure data logger that houses the pressure sensing module, battery and data logging electronics. The SL963 series data loggers are available with either 1/4' BSP or 1/2' BSP process connections and with either recessed, flush or frontal diaphragms.

The SL963 data loggers can be used to monitor pressure in airlines, pneumatic and hydraulic lines and, with the ATEX approved version, gas pipelines. The SL963 is available in pressure ranges from 100mbar to 1000 bar in either gauge or absolute.

The SL963 data loggers are configured using the SL960-SOFTWARE. The SL960 software is used to program how often the data logger takes a reading. When the test period has lapsed the same software is used to extract the stored readings.
Data is then exported in CSV format which is easily imported into a spreadsheet package.
The software is supplied with the relevant communication interface. 

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