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Temperature Data Loggers

SL52USB - USB Temperature Data Logger
£ 64.00 ex vat

  • -10°C to +85°C Measuring Range
  • ±0.5°C Accuracy
  • No Interface Lead Required
  • Holds 4096 Hi-Res Readings

The SL51USB and SL52USB are single channel temperature data loggers. The SL54USB records temperature and relative humidity. All the USB data loggers plug directly into the USB port of the computer for configuration and data download, removing the need for any additional cables. They are then removed from the USB slot and placed where monitoring is required. When the monitoring is complete, the data logger is placed back in the USB slot for data retrieval. Depending on the model chosen, they have the ability to record up to 8,000 data points and have a measuring temperature range of -10°C to +85°C and 0 to 95%RH.

All USB data loggers are fully compatible with our user friendly software - TempIT. TempIT-Lite is free of charge and allows the logger to be set up and the data read and displayed in graphical format. Graphs can be stored, printed or retrieved at a later time. TempIT-Lite can be up-graded to TempIT-Pro which provides various additional features such as data table view, export data to spreadsheet, email graphs, F0 and A0 calculations, and automated mean kinetic temperature (MKT) calculations etc.


TempIT-Lite can be downloaded free of charge from here

USB data loggers
with protective cap fitted

 The SL52USB also has a 'start when alarm' function which inhibits data logging until the data logger has been in an alarm condition. Ideal for temperature related fault finding.

 All SL50 series data loggers are supplied operating within our published specification but if you require a UKAS traceable calibration certificate at temperature points specified by you, you can purchase UKAS traceable calibration certificates from here 
£ 64.00 ex vat
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