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Signatrol News - Last Updated 02/12/2014

 What are the Chances of a White Christmas?

That time of year is fast approaching again. The time of year people seem to love or loathe (I fit happily into the former section).  As a weather station and temperature data logger supplier we like to keep up on the latest weather movements. One of the things we get asked every year is if we have any inside knowledge on whether it will be a White Christmas?
Well, with data from the met office’s brilliant weather stations and with a bit of help from Christmas snow spotters on twitter we have created an infographic on ‘What are the Chances of a White Christmas?’ It takes data from the previous 50 years (1963 – 2013) of snowfall on the 25th of December to see what the likelihood of one occurring this year would be. 
We found some highly interesting information. Such as that your best bet for a White Christmas would be in Northern Scotland (who’d have thought right?), but with places like Altnaharra experiencing the coldest UK Christmas day ever with a bone chilling temperature of -18.2°C, it might not be the ideal place for a snowball fight… We also found that Belfast and Edinburgh have had the most White Christmases in the last 50 years, though N.I actually only has a 26% chance of having one as a country. Wales were close behind with a 28% chance, with England a slightly better 42% and Scotland with the highest likelihood at 62%.
So as you take a late night walk on the streets this Christmas Eve, with the sound of carol singers floating on the air, decorated trees twinkling from beyond frosted window panes, families gathered round them, children wide-eyed with excitement, hopefully as midnight passes, you will look up and see Christmas day’s first snowflakes start to fall…

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