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Compost Monitoring

Compost monitoring in Guernsey

The government of Guernsey operates a wireless temperature and humidity monitoring system at compost sites on the island. The monitoring system and data logging technology is provided by Signatrol.

The Signatrol spYdaq monitoring technology comprises a base station and probes which are located in windrows on the various compost sites. The probes wirelessly send a signal to the control box, from which staff can extract data and monitor the temperature and humidity of the compost.

“Cost saving, easy to monitor, frees staff to get on with other work”

Commenting on the Signatrol monitoring technology, Guernsey States Works Landfill and Recycling Manager Bob Fisher said, “As well as the accuracy of the data, which is essential for the production of quality soil conditioner, the wireless aspect of spYdaq provides considerable advantages over a wired system, both in terms of cost saving at installation and operational flexibility.

“The technology has been particularly beneficial to us, since we are now able to easily monitor temperature in the long windrows. Previously staff had to manually record temperature data which was time consuming. This frees staff to get on with other work on site and helps with the efficiency of the whole landfill and recycling site.”

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