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Food Processing

Data loggers used in food processing applications

Signatrol offers a range of high-performance data loggers and data logging systems for food preparation applications. These data loggers are commonly used for temperature monitoring in HACCP and EFSIS quality systems.

When used with TempIT software, the Signatrol SL50 series and SL151T data loggers provide automatic F0 and PU calculation. The SL-TB thermal barriers pass through tunnel ovens without any trailing wires and provide an accurate thermal profile throughout the oven.

Our low cost wireless monitoring solution, spYdaq, provides almost real time monitoring with out of hours text or email alarms. Being wireless, it is easy to retro fit into existing builds with minimal installation costs and disturbance.

 Product Description
SL7000 Series Multiple-channel data logger that accepts all thermocouple sensors
SL52T A low-cost miniature (17mm diameter) temperature data logger
SL52USB Our self-contained USB data logger
SL151T Food-grade polystyrene, crevice-free temperature data logger
spYdaq Our low cost wireless monitoring system providing real-time monitoring and alarming
SL-TB Through process thermal barriers for oven profiling


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