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Data loggers for transportation applications

Signatrol offers a range of high-performance data loggers for transport applications. Suited to harsh environments, these data loggers are commonly used to monitor temperature and relative humidity in containers to prove goods are kept at correct levels.

The SL151T temperature data logger is particularly suited to cold-chain monitoring and can be placed in direct contact with foodstuffs. With regard to pharmaceutical transportation, most of the following data loggers also automatically calculate mean kinetic temperature.

 Product Description
SL51T Discrete low-cost miniature temperature data logger
SL54TH Our lowest cost temperature and relative humidity data logger
SL52USB A self-contained USB temperature data logger
SL54USB A self-contained USB temperature and humidity data logger
spYdaq Our low cost wireless monitoring system providing real-time monitoring and alarming
SL151T Temperature data logger with mean kinetic temperature measurement

Low cost, single-use temperature data logger with PDF output


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