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Calibration Equipment


How often do I need to calibrate?

This is a question often asked and it depends upon a number of factors:
• The quality and stability of the measuring equipment
• The initial accuracy specification
• The importance of the absolute measurement accuracy.
• Whether there is a secondary back-up device
• Manufacturers recommendations

Calibration intervals are therefore established to ensure that test and measuring equipment are functioning within expected tolerance limits at time of use. Implicit in the application of calibration intervals is the understanding that the calibration values may change over time and will require periodic recalibration to be maintained within acceptable limits.

The calibration interval will therefore be decided by the Calibration Manager taking all these factors into account. Often they will rely on the manufacturer recommendations as they know their product the best and will have conducted tests at the design stage. Alternatively the Calibration Manager may choose to build up a calibration model by checking the calibrations at short intervals ( Say 3 months) and recording the amount the parameter has drifted since the last calibration. In this way a model can be created which defines the maximum period between calibrations.

By optimising calibration intervals, unnecessary calibrations can be minimized, thereby reducing costs. Moreover, optimising intervals will improve compliance with regulatory directives while ensuring maximum compliance with reliability targets.

Signatrol offers a free consultancy service where on-going calibration and maintenance schedules can be arranged to minimise the disruption to your activities.

These include rolling calibration schedules, weekend or overnight calibrations, loan equipment while calibration is being calibrated, customised calibration points to suit your application, or swapping equipment with equivalent, calibrated stock, before the site item’s calibration expires