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As well as being a place where healthy and nutritious food is prepared, the working environment of a commercial kitchen must be safe and comfortable, while meeting the increasing demands for energy efficiency and sustainability. Regular temperature monitoring in a professional kitchen is detailed in the HACCP plan but this can often generate time consuming paperwork. Having an easy to manage wireless data logging system that automates the data collection can save a great deal of time and ensure accurate results.

With SpYdaq, Signatrol’s cost effective wireless temperature and humidity monitoring system, a number of independent sensors, separate to those used in temperature control, can deployed inside fridges for example, meaning that caterers can keep abreast of fridge and cold store temperatures fluctuations from constant door opening – helping to ensure that commercial refrigeration is working to its full capability.

SpYdaq also offers a dual temperature transmitter which enables caterers to monitor temperature at two locations in close proximity - particularly useful for food storage since one sensor can be located to monitor the fridge temperature to alert the user to any immediate issues, while the other sensor can be placed inside the food to monitor the actual core temperature.