Published on: 2017-September-18
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Speciality Breads, manufacturers of freshly frozen breads to the foodservice industry has specified Spydaq, Signatrol's wireless data logging system at its recently opened £3million bakery in Margate, as part of its quality management system to meet BRC certification requirements.

Wireless Spydaq allows users to deploy sensors in various locations without the restrictions and cost of hard wiring and monitor results from a PC via web access with easy to use software. Speciality Breads has installed transmitters in five freezers, ovens and chillers throughout the new 3,000 square metre bakery as well as to monitor ambient air temperatures.  The transmitters are managed by the Spydaq BaseStation, which also checks locally for alarm conditions via its inbuilt audio and visual alarms. Alarming locally means that any potential trouble spots can be identified quickly and corrective action taken, often saving vulnerable goods from damage.

Specification of Spydaq at the new bakery, which produces 20 lines of artisan-style, Red-Tractor certified breads is following the successful use of the system at Speciality Breads’ existing premises in Margate.

Correct data logging for temperature and humidity is vital to provide evidence and records to support Speciality Breads’ BRC accreditation, as the company’s Managing Director Peter Millen explains:

 “Quality is paramount to Speciality Breads and something on which the whole team prides itself. The Spydaq system ensures we can keep a close eye on every aspect of the baking process and gives us – as well as the BRC auditor – reassurance that we are monitoring production and blast freezing temperatures at every step of the baking process. Alarms are critical to maintaining temperature within set parameters and alerting engineers to potential problems. Wireless has enabled us to provide a reliable infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of hard wiring and these USPs ensure we can be proactive in our checks and react quickly if there are issues”. 

 “With Spydaq there is no capital outlay either so this helped when investing in our new state of the art bakery. It’s a fully managed service too and the Signatrol team is proactive, often picking often picking up issues before we notice ourselves.  This peace of mind means that we can get on with doing what we do best – baking quality bread.”

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