Published on: 2017-September-18
Category: General


Signatrol has been working alongside a new museum and archive based in Stornoway using new technology to monitor the relative humidity and temperature of artefacts in the museum’s brand new home.

Using Spydaq, our low-cost wireless monitoring system, Stornoway museum is able to track air temperature and humidity to ensure that optimum conditions for the delicate artefacts are maintained. This is essential to protect the valuable objects, many of which are very responsive to environmental conditions.

Following its recent transformation, the museum and archive has moved into a new purpose built extension to Lews Castle where a range of objects telling the stories of the Islands and Islanders through the ages and how their culture is expressed through the Gaelic language, religion and community life are on display.

Among the collection are Neolithic carved stone balls and bronze age burial goods. Archaeological metal, such as bronze, is very responsive to environmental conditions, making it particularly at risk to sudden changes in humidity conditions. For this reason, it is vital for the museum to carefully monitor the relative humidity and temperature inside the display cases in which the objects are kept, which is done using the Spydaq wireless system equipment. As well as monitoring conditions to avoid degradation of the objects, Spydaq is also able to help the museum to identify the trends that may be causing a shift in conditions within the facility.

Sensors operate in both the gallery and the display cases themselves to log the data, which can then be monitored remotely via the web making the whole system easy to use.  

Being wireless means that the sensors locations can be easily changed if required. The wireless system is used to compare data with the museum’s hard wired buildings management system.

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