We offer a wide range of data loggers for every budget, from the low-cost SL51T temperature data logger to the top of-the-range SL7000 series. Most of the data loggers that we supply are small, battery-powered devices with a battery life of 5-10 years that provide an exceptionally low cost of ownership.

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Low cost miniature temperature data logger that measures from -40°C to +85°C with an accuracy of ±1.0°C

The SL54TH is our lowest cost temperature and relative humidity data logger. Incredibly small, only 17mm x 6mm

SpYdaq base station for use with a local computer using the SPYMONITOR-LOCAL software and connected via USB

Extremely versatile data logger with many input configurations all configured in the software. Ideal for a wide range of applications

Hydrostatic Level Logger and Water Management Data Logger. Flexible and cost effective.

Free of charge configuration and analysis software for SL50 series, SL151T and SL7000 series data loggers.

USB communication interface for connecting all SL50 series data loggers to a computer.

Miniature temperature data logger that measures from -40°C to +85°C with an accuracy up to ±0.15°C. Very small, only 17mm x 6mm

SpYdaq® is our low cost wireless monitoring and alarming system with SMS and email alerts. With a wide range of sensor combinations.

SpYdaq base station with cloud connectivity. This base station receives the signals from the transmitters and sends them to our secure servers

Level data logger for measuring level of liquid in tanks, rivers, lakes, reservoirs or boreholes.

Enhanced version of TempIT with additional features like export of data, MKT, F0, PU calculations available

316 stainless steel enclosure that protects the SL50 series data loggers in harsh environments or where the logger is submerged in liquid at depths up to 100m

Small temperature data logger that measures from 0°C to +125°C with a typical accuracy of ±0.5°C (SL53T) or ±0.14°C (SL53T-A)

SpYdaq base station with MODBUS connectivity. Ideal for getting readings direct in to SCADA software or to connect to a PLC.

Installs as the LITE version but enables all the PRO functions when the USB key is present in the USB slot of the computer

A lower cost alternative to the SL-ACC01. The SL-ACC03 is constructed from Polyphenylene Sulphide (PPS Ryton) for use at depths up to 1m

Small temperature data logger that measures from +15°C to +140°C with an accuracy of ±0.2°C. Ideal for use in autoclaves and extreme heat ovens and applications.

Real time data logger for temperature, humidity, light, impact and location.

Windows based software for the SpYdaq low cost wireless monitoring system