SL7104 Four Channel Data Logger

  • £524.00Ex.VAT

SL7104 Four Channel Data Logger

The SL7104 data logger has a very flexible combination of inputs that include internal temperature and 4 universal inputs each which means they can be individually configured with the software to accept any combination of the following input types: 

RTD / Pt100
Thermocouple (Types J, K, T, R, S, B, N) with isolated tip
Various Thermistors
Cu Sensors
Ni Sensors

The SL7104 data logger also has digital input which can be used as a trigger to start logging or as a pulse counter for interfacing with flow meters or other sensors with a pulse output.

All SL7104 data loggers are supplied with a single computer licence of our TempIT-PRO software. Saving £135.00 


Power Internal Battery - LAA (3.6V DC) 2.2 Ah user replaceable Lithium-Thionyl-Chloride 
Battery Life Depending on input configuration, >5 years with a sample rate > 2 minutes and LED flash rate > 30 second
Ambient Temperature -30°C to +70°C (-22°F to 158°F)
Number of Readings Stored
128,000 Readings
Memory Utilisation Wrap Around (First in, First Out) or Stop when Full (Default).
Sample Rate 1 Second to 24 hours for all channels
Sample Method Point - The sampled measurement is stored directly to memory.
Averaging - The average value per period is stored
Maximum - The maximum value per period is stored
Minimum - The maximum value per period is stored
Reusable When Memory Full Yes
Resolution All Universal Inputs - 16 Bit
Internal & External Temperature - 12 Bit
Internal & External Relative Humidity - 8 Bit
Waterproofing IP50 - Ingress of dust is not entirely prevented and the device is not protected at all for moisture ingress.
Please see waterproof enclosures in the accessories section if the product is to be placed outside.
Start Logging Options

Programmable Delay Period (10 minutes to 1 year)
Start on external magnet swipe
Start when counter input goes high
Start on event trigger

There are no STOP logging functions. The logger will take a programmable number of readings or log until the memory is full.

Software Alarms Yes, high and low alarms can be specified in the software
Intrinsic Safety No
Channel Indicators 8 Green LED's to indicate logging status changing to Red to indicate alarm conditions.
Communication Interface USB Isolated (mini-USB 1B Male connector) - Cable Supplied
Material ABS - Moulded from RoHS compliant material
Dimensions 124mm (L) x 78mm (W) x 32mm (H)
Weight 165 grams
UL Flame Rating 94-VO at 0.059' wall
94-5VA at 0.098' wall
UL File Number: E56070
Warranty 3 Year (excluding battery)

Measuring Ranges

Internal Temperature -30°C to +70°C (-22°F to +158°F)
Internal Humidity 0 to 100%RH
Plug In External Temperature Sensor           -30°C to +70°C (-22°F to +158°F)
Plug In External Humidity Sensor 0 to 100%RH
RTD / Pt100 to EN 60751 -200°C to +700°C (-328°F to +1292°F)
RTD (Pt100) JISC -100°C to +457°C (-148°F to +854°F)
Thermocouple Type K -200°C to +1370°C (-328°F to +2498°F)
Thermocouple Type J -200°C to +1200°C (-328°F to +2192°F)
Thermocouple Type T -200°C to +400°C (-328°F to +752°F)
Thermocouple Type S 100°C to +1760°C (+212°F to +3200°F)
Thermocouple Type R 100°C to +1760°C (+212°F to +3200°F)
Thermocouple Type B +700°C to 1820°C (+1292°F to +3308°F)
Thermocouple Type N -180°C to +1300°C (-292°F to +2372°F)
Ni120 -80°C to +230°C (-112°F to +446°F)
Ni100 -60°C to +180°C (-76°F to +356°F)
Cu10 -200°C to +260°C (-328°F to +500°F)
Cu100 -100°C to +260°C (-148°F to +500°F)
Thermistor (TH-001) -40°C to +140°C (-40°F to +284°F)
Slidewire 0 to 100%
MilliVolt -110mV to +110mV (Over Voltage protected to 24VDC) scaled in engineering units
0-10VDC 0VDC to 11VDC (Over Voltage protected to 24VDC) scaled in engineering units                                                                                                    
0-1VDC 0VDC to 1.1VDC (Over Voltage protected to 24VDC) scaled in engineering units
4/20mA 0.1 to 21mA scaled in engineering units
Pulse Counter Maximum Count = 65535 per sample period.
Maximum Frequency = 32678Hz.
Logic 0 < 0.9Vdc.
Logic 1 > 1.9Vdc
Trigger: Negative Edge
User settable filter link 32768Hz or 50Hz. (default: 32768Hz)
Can be used with common collector outputs when using an external shunt resistor.

Measuring Accuracies

Internal Temperature ± 0.5°C (-30°C to +70°C)
Internal Humidity ± 2.0%RH over 10%-90%
± 4.0% RH over the range 0-10% and 90-100%RH
Plug In External Temperature Sensor ± 0.3°C @ 25°C
± 0.5°C over the range 0°C to +50°C
± 1.0°C over the range -30°C to 0°C and 50°C to 70°C
Plug In External Humidity Sensor ± 2.0%RH over 10%-90%
± 4.0% RH over the range 0-10% and 90-100%RH
RTD / Pt100 to EN 60751 ± 0.1°C + 0.1% rdg
RTD (Pt100) JISC ± 0.1°C + 0.1% rdg
Thermocouple Type K ± 1.9°C
Thermocouple Type J ± 1.7°C
Thermocouple Type T ± 0.9°C
Thermocouple Type S ± 2.3°C
Thermocouple Type R ± 2.3°C
Thermocouple Type B ± 2.4°C
Thermocouple Type N ± 1.8°C
Ni120 ± 0.2°C ± 0.1% rdg
Ni100 ± 0.2°C ± 0.1% rdg
Cu10 ± 3°C ± 0.5% rdg
Cu100 ± 0.2°C ± 0.1% rdg
Thermistor (TH-001) Type dependent, please contact sales office for more details
Slidewire ± 0.02% FSD
MilliVolt ± 0.01% FSD
0-10VDC ± 0.01% FSD                                                                                                                                                    
0-1VDC ± 0.01% FSD
4/20mA ± 0.01% FSD (for Isolated Loops), accuracy may be reduced for non-isolated loops.
Some applications may require the use of an external isolator (not supplied).
Maximum Volt drop in a 4/20mA loop = 4VDC
Will also accept 0/20mA signals
Pulse Counter 20ppm

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