Process Signal Data Loggers

Process Signal Data Loggers

These data loggers accept most common industrial signals like Pt100, Thermocouples, 4/20mA, milliVolt and Voltage signals.

The SL7104 can be configured for mA, mV, Voltage, thermocouple, Pt100 (RTD) and slidewire inputs - all by selecting the input required in the software, in any combination, there is no need to specify at the time of order.

Spydaq adds wireless sensing technology with the SPYDAQ-1000-MODBUS base station. This base station has a MODBUS slave output that will allow readings to be read by SCADA systems or PLC's.

Multi channel versatile data logger with many input configurations, including temperature & humidity.

SpYdaq® is our low cost wireless monitoring and alarming system with SMS and email alerts. With a wide range of sensor combinations.