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SL50-ACC03 Plastic Protective Enclosure

SL50-ACC03 - Plastic Enclosure

  • Lightweight Construction
  • Operates from -40°C to +140°C
  • Operates Up To 1 Bar Pressure
  • Fully Submersible




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A lower cost alternative to the SL-ACC01. The SL-ACC03 is constructed from Polyphenylene Sulphide (PPS Ryton) with black flat finish. This produces a lightweight enclosure that protects the data logger at pressures up to 1 Bar or depths of 10m. Maximum operating temperature +140°C.

Operating Temperature Range -15°C to +140°C
Dimensions Diameter Ø25.4mm, Height 28.0mm
Weight 15g excluding data logger
Protection Up to 1 Bar or 10m submersion
Response Time In Water

63% Step Change: 118 Seconds

10% to 90% Step Change: 237 Seconds

Response Time In Air

63% Step Change: 407 Seconds

10% to 90% Step Change: 827 Seconds

O-Ring Silicone S500-70 FDA Approved