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SL50-ACC08 Floating Silicone Enclosure

SL50-ACC08 Floating Silicone Enclosure

SL50-ACC08 Silicone Protective Enclosure

The coloured waterproof enclosure which is slightly larger than the SL50-ACC06 is ideal for all of the SL50 series miniature data loggers. Being blue and neutral, the SL50-ACC08 is easier to spot when mixed with product and the blue handle makes the bung easier to remove. Please note, unlike the SL50-ACC06, which sinks in liquid, the SL50-ACC08 floats in liquid.

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  • Operating Temperature Range : -40°C to +140°C
  • Dimensions : Diameter 22.5mm, Length 55.0mm
  • Weight : 5g excluding data logger
  • Protection : Up to 0.5 Bar or 5m submersion
  • Response Time In Water : 63% Step Change: 90 Seconds, 10% to 90% Step Change: 243 Seconds
  • Response Time In Air : 63% Step Change: 270 Seconds, 10% to 90% Step Change: 545 Seconds


To view the full specification please download the datasheet below.


The enclosure may be reused many times but the actual number of times depends upon many factors such as the temperature, the liquid type and the duration. We advise that the cap is carefully inspected before each use for signs of damage and if in doubt discard.

Diameter 21.6mm, Length 55.0mm

Supplied in packs of five or ten, price shown are for a pack containing five or ten enclosures.

Please note, this item is not suitable for use in vacuum applications. Please use the SL50-ACC01.

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Pack of Five Silicone Enclosures £22.00 Ex.VAT
Pack of Ten Silicone Enclosures £43.00 Ex.VAT