SL965 Level / Borehole Data Logger

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SL965 Level / Borehole Data Logger

The SL965 from Signatrol is a battery powered data logger suitable for  measuring fluid level and temperature. The self-contained data logger is particularly suited for portable installations or where traditionally it has not been possible to provide conventional power supplies.

A high accuracy, stainless steel, submersible pressure transducer provides level measurement for recording by a high-resolution data logger mounted  in a stainless steel tube that is rated to IP67 (weatherproof). Interconnecting cable is vented to compensate for changes in atmospheric pressure and is factory fitted to the required length. 

Please note, that the image shown has a short interconnecting cable for display purposes only. 

Logged data can be extracted via a communications cable, which connects between the USB port of a suitable PC and the data logger. The stored readings are stored in a CSV file that can be  imported into most spreadsheet packages where graphs can be produced.  

Typical Applications include level measurement in wells, bore holes, waste water, reservoirs, lakes and rivers, tank monitoring and sewage  treatment plants. 

Please note that the price shown is for the data logger module only, the interconnecting cable is charged at £4 per metre and should be ordered separately and has a maximum length of 250m.

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Power Internal Battery
Battery Life Typically 10 years
Measuring Range Level: 0 to 250 mwc - Please indicate depth required at the time of order.

Temperature: -5°C to +50°C 

Optional Conductivity: 0 to 200mS / cm
Accuracy Level: ≤ ± 0.05 % Full Scale

Temperature: ±0.5°C 
Resolution Level: Measuring range / 16384. For example if the range was 0 to 100m, the resolution is 0.006m = 6mm

Temperature: 0.003°C 
Sample Rate 1 second to 24 hours
Number of Readings Stored 1.5 million
Reusable When Memory Full Yes
Overpressure 3 Bar 
Weight The data logger weights approximately 250g. The vented cable weighs approximately 45g per metre.
Warranty 12 months