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SPYDAQ-1000-CLOUD Base Station

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  • Cloud Based Storage
  • Connect Up To 16 Transmitter
  • Utilises Antenna Diversity Algorithm
  • Large Internal Memory




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SpYdaq base station with cloud connectivity.

This base station receives the signals from the transmitters, checks the data is correct but instead of saving the readings on a local computer, the SPYDAQ-1000-CLOUD base station uses the mobile telephone network to send the readings direct to our secure servers. This eliminates the need to have a local computer and any software running. Access to the data is via our password protected Internet Portal and can be access from any Internet enabled device. The is also a dedicated mobile interface.

The base station has LED indicators along the front panel that flash either red or green depending on alarm state. There is also an audible alarm to attract attention. The LCD display on the top of the base station shows received values as well as system information. On the rear of the base station is a push button to cycle through the various menu options, alarm relay that can be connected to a light pole, klaxon or similar device. There is a USB port for connection to a computer that would run our SPYCONFIG software and would be used to configure the base station. There is also the BNC connectors for the two receiving antennas. These are used for our antenna diversity algorithm that selects the aerial with the strongest signal, therefore improving reliability of the radio signal. We are so confident of this, that we have a UK patent for the spYdaq® system (UK Patent No. 2479520). A mains power supply is also included.

This base station should be used if the system is to send reading direct to our secure servers and you want to use an Internet enabled device to view the readings. 

A live system using this technology can be seen by going to our secure portal at https://www.spydaq.com/user_login.php - Login using the following information

Company: demo
Username: demo
Password: demo

Power Battery / Mains: 10-28VDC Supplied with 100/230VAC mains adaptor
Ports USB. Used for configuration via SPYCONFIG and data analysis using SPYMONITOR-LOCAL
Alarms Audio, LED, Contact Closure
LED Indicators 1 per transmitter indicating transmission received and / or alarm condition
LCD Display 4 line, 20 character displaying system and alarm data as well as real time values
Antenna Diversity Selects the strongest signal from 2 antennas
Receiver Frequency 433MHz split into 4 sub bands. 868MHz and 915MHz available for use in Europe / United States
Dimensions 240mm x 185mm x 45mm Excluding Aerials
240mm x 185mm x 150mm Including Aerials 
Operating Temperature Range -10°C to +40°C
Material ABS
Warranty 3 Years
Compliance HACCP, EN12830, FDA21CFR Part 11
Approvals CE, UK Patent No. 2479520