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SpYdaq HPR High Powered Repeater

SPYDAQ HPR - High Powered Repeater

Repeater for the SpYdaq system to increase range or to pick up transmitters placed in areas where the radio signal is blocked.

  • Increase Range Up To 800m
  • Battery Backup
  • Utilises Antenna Diversity Algorithm
  • Transmitter Ignore Feature




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Sometimes, there is a requirement to place transmitters a little further than the 400m range that a spYdaq transmitter is designed for or , there may be obstacles in the way that reduce the signal strength. So to extend the range of the spYdaq system we offer the HPR or High Powered Repeater.

The repeater "listens" for a valid spYdaq transmission. Once a transmission is received, the repeater will error check the transmission and if everything is out it will retransmit the readings.

Switches on the rear of the repeater are available to allow individual transmitters to be ignored therefore preventing a race situation where transmitters already in range of the base station are repeated.

The HPR contains a battery backup that will keep it functioning in the event of a site power failure.
Power Battery / Mains: 10-28VDC Supplied with 100/230VAC mains adaptor
Battery Backup
LED Indicators Power, Transmit, Receive, Battery Fault, Charging
Antenna Diversity Selects the strongest received signal from 2 antennas
Operating Frequency 433MHz split into 4 sub bands 868MHz and 915MHz available for use in Europe / United States
Transmit Power Low, Medium & High (All within power limit legislation)
Dimensions 240mm x 185mm x 45mm Excluding Aerials
240mm x 185mm x 150mm Including Aerials 
Operating Temperature Range -10°C to +50°C
Material ABS
Warranty 3 Years
Approvals CE, UK Patent No. 2479520