SPYDAQ-ACC-08-01 Dual Temperature Sensor (-50°C to +200°C)

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Temperature Sensors for SPYDAQ-1010 Transmitters

Dual temperature sensor for use with the SPYDAQ-1010 dual transmitter. Two sensors, 75mm long x 6mm diameter on 1.5m flat PTFE flying leads. There are two sensors, labelled "Sensor A" and "Sensor C".

Sensor A Measuring Range: -40°C to +105°C (-40°F to +221°F)

Sensor C Measuring Range: -50°C to +200°C (-58°F to +392°F)  

SPYDAQ-ACC-08-02 is identical but operates from -40°C to +105°C on sensor A and -80°C to +200°C on sensor C.

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Measuring Range

Sensor A: -40°C to +105°C (-40°F to +221°F)
Sensor C: -50°C to +200°C (-58°F to +392°F)


±0.5°C from 0°C to +50°C. ±1°C outside of this range for the internal sensor - Sensor A

±0.3°C ±0.35°% of reading for the external sensor - Sensor C

Material Sheath: 308 Stainless Steel. Leads: PTFE

75mm Long x 6mm Diameter supplied with 1.5m flying lead. Flying lead only 1mm thick.

Warranty 1 Year


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