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2. Humidity Data Loggers

2. Humidity Data Loggers

These data loggers all have internal temperature and relative humidity sensors. The SL7000 data loggers also have the ability to add external temperature and relative humidity sensors allowing two locations to monitored at the same time.

The SL54TH, SL54TH-A, SL54USB and SL54USB-A also calculate dew point and absolute humidity.
SL54TH Temperature And Relative Humidity Data Logger

SL54TH Temperature & Humidity Data Logger

The SL54TH is our lowest cost temperature and relative humidity data logger. It is a self contained and self powered...

SL7000 Series Data Loggers

SL7000 Data Loggers (Up To 4 Universal Channels)

The SL7000 data loggers have a very flexible combination of inputs from a single temperature up to 4 universal inputs...

SpYdaq Low Cost Wireless Monitoring System

SpYdaq ~ Low Cost Wireless Monitoring System

spYdaq® is a system comprising of a number of radio transmitting sensors that measures parameters and sends them securely using...