About Signatrol Ltd

Signatrol started trading in 2003, manufacturing and supplying a wide range of off-the-shelf and custom-made data loggers, data logging systems and calibration services to clients across the industry spectrum.

Data loggers And Wireless Monitoring Solutions

We offer a wide range of data loggers for every budget, from the low-cost, single use tempmate-S1 temperature data logger through to Spydaq wireless monitoring system. Most of the data loggers we supply are small, battery-powered devices with a battery life of 5-10 years that provide an exceptionally low cost of ownership.
We manufacture and supply data loggers and wired and wireless data logging systems that measure temperature, humidity, pressure, level, flow and process signals such as 4-20mA and DC voltage.
Our data loggers and data logging systems are commonly used to monitor sensitive goods in storage and transportation, as well as to monitor environmental conditions in warehouses, offices, schools and museums. They are also used to improve processes and ensure high quality standards. Our SPYDAQ wireless data logging system will also provide email and SMS alerts.

Calibration Services

We also provide a wide range of external and on-site calibration services for Signatrol and other manufacturers data loggers. We specialise in temperature, humidity and signal process calibration.
Using UKAS and NPL accredited equipment, traceable to national standards, we can provide UKAS traceable calibration for Signatrol products as well as other manufacturers data loggers or temperature measuring equipment.
Our fast-turnaround calibration services meet GAMP, GLP and FDA CFR21 Part 11 requirements, and we offer scheduled calibration contracts to minimise costs and ensure continuous compliance.

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We're proud to work with companies all over the world 

I trialled one in the office and was very impressed with the logging detail, the trend options available and ease of setup and download. A clever product with a simple PC interface. Ian from London:

Rob From West Sussex:
Your service has been absolutely excellent, and I only wish other companies worked as well as you do on customer service.

Lee From North Yorkshire:
Many thanks once again for such a quick response, I wish all companies saw customer service such a priority!

John From France:
Thanks for a prompt delivery and good service.

Alex From The United States:
Thank you very much for all of your assistance. Your customer service has been exemplary from the very beginning! I plan to share my experience with my own Customer Service team as well as my colleagues at every opportunity. You Sir, have certainly earned a customer for life.

Colin From Scotland:
I would like to give thanks to the seller Martin who went the extra mile to help me resolve the missing item and would have no hesitation to buy from him again and promote his business to friends and family...Very well done indeed

Bio-decontamination And Validation of Sterilisation Laboratory:
I have recently completed the Signatrol Annual Review for supplier performance in line with our internal procedures for our critical suppliers.
16 orders were placed for annual calibration along with 2 ad-hoc orders. 
I have to report that no nonconformances were raised against Signatrol.
I am pleased to report that we experienced no issues with your quality or service.

Mike From Hampshire:
Just to let you know I received the Data logger back yesterday. I must say how impressed I am with the Data logger calibration. The certificate has all the information on it that we would require to keep an auditor happy if they ever asked to see it.