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How Much Money Can An Inaccurate Temperature Reading Cost You?

An inaccurate temperature reading is when a measurement may be higher or lower than the actual temperature, depending on the situation. Inaccurate temperature readings can occur when there are issues with a thermometer or when the thermometer is not being used correctly. Regardless of the cause, it can create problems for your business. In this blog post, we examine how much money this can cost you.

How Much Can An Inaccurate Temperature Reading Cost You

Inaccurate temperature gauges can be damaging to your business financially in the long run and can lead to a number of different negative outcomes. For example, it can lead to:

Spoiled Products

Inaccurate temperature readings can lead to spoiled products, and it's important to understand the effect of this. When food is stored at a too-high temperature, bacteria can grow and multiply rapidly. This results in food poisoning, which can cause illness. If you're storing your food at a too-low temperature, then you may find that it has gone bad before you have time to use it, which can cause significant expense and waste.

A Damaged Business Reputation

Inaccurate temperature readings can damage your business's reputation. For example, if you're running a food service and you're unable to accurately track temperatures and times, you could end up serving someone the wrong meal or giving them something that's gone bad and is frankly dangerous. This leads to unhappy customers who will tell others about their experience.

Legal Fees

In addition to the point above, if a customer becomes sick or ill due to eating produce that has been stored at the incorrect temperature, they may choose to take legal action against your company. Legal fees can be extremely expensive and the damage done to the reputation of your company will be priceless.

How To Prevent Inaccurate Temperature Readings

Signatrol alarming data loggers are a great way to monitor temperature readings. This is because they’re able to store the information that they receive in a secure and inviolate form and report it back later, so you can see the details of what happened when your equipment was in use. This can reduce costs as it means that restaurants don’t have to throw food away as a precaution, for example.

For more information on data loggers for temperature and how much an inaccurate temperature reading can cost you, contact Signatrol today.

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