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What Is Secure Data Logger Data And Why Do I Need It?

Data Logger data is valuable, it represents a true and accurate record of what has taken place. Data can take many forms and relate to a whole series of applications, but we are looking here primarily at data logger data that are collected on temperature and humidity by electronic data loggers during the storage of sensitive items such as vaccines, pharmaceuticals, blood products and food.

Why is Data Logger Data Security important for Data Loggers?
Data is a valuable asset for any company protecting it from internal or external corruption and illegal access protects a company from financial loss, reputational harm, consumer trust degradation, and brand erosion.

It is vitally important that any data logged data saved, for whatever purposes, is accurate and cannot be accessed by un-authorised people. The data logger data must be inviolate, which means that the logged data cannot be altered or otherwise transferred by ‘ordinary means’ for the purpose of falsification? Data that is not a true and faithful record is worthless.

Secure data logger environments allow organisations to control:
• who can become a user to access the data
• the data that users can access
• what users can do with the data in the environment
• the information users can remove

Professional Data Logging companies, such as Signatrol, already include a host of secure features such as using an Administrator/User model and storing the data logger data in an encrypted database.

How to implement a Secure Data Logging System.
Firstly, the company should appoint a ‘Responsible Person’ who takes overall responsibility for the system and the data integrity. They are responsible for ensuring that only ‘Authorised People’ can access the data. In some systems this done by using an Administrator/User protocol

Next the data logging data must be stored in encrypted form which cannot be hacked by ‘Ordinary Means’ and it should be backed up regularly, in case of a system failure.

For systems using remote data collection, eg. Radio or WIFI data loggers, it is important that the communication channel is secure.

Many companies have their own proprietary security methods but when using a WIFI data logger-based system, you should always use a well known and approved system such as Enterprise wireless security. Enterprise Security is a means of protecting a network that may connect systems, mainframes, and devices etc within an organisation, allowing organisations to connect their users to information and people.

1. Take your data logger data security and integrity seriously
2. Appoint a responsible Person’
3. Ensure that whatever system you choose restricts access only to authorised people.
4. Ensure all data are stored in encrypted form
5. Ensure that any communications employed are secure, if using a WIFI data logger, use Enterprise Security.
6. Chose a data logger that has all the features you require.

Signatrol provide a number of wireless data logger systems including the Cadmus WIFI data loggers.
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