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Why Wireless Data Logging Is The Must-Have Upgrade for 2022

Wireless data logging has been around for well over a decade, so why has it suddenly become a trending topic in 2021? The answer lies in a combination of technological advances and practical need. Here’s what’s happening.


A technological leap

A concept is only as strong as the technological infrastructure it rests upon. For wireless data logging, the basic requirements are for reliable performance of the logger, the software, and the surrounding WiFi network. Each of these three areas have experienced considerable improvements in recent years, enabling the innovation to realise its full potential.


Remote access

In 2019, the idea of not accessing a site to monitor conditions was unthinkable. Now that the world has experienced a pandemic, we know otherwise. Whether it’s to minimise the number of employees who need to interact with equipment, or to ensure monitoring in the event of a temporary site closure, being able to remotely monitor critical variables such as temperature and humidity is now a basic operational requirement. Access can now be achieved from anywhere in the world for authorised users, immediately.


Depth of data

From achieving a crucial certification to optimising performance, organisations in every sector have come to rely upon comprehensive, in-depth data. The mathematics underpinning the approach is straightforward: the more streams of information, the more points of causality and correlation can be identified, and the greater the accuracy of the analysis. As such, the volume and quality of data is directly related to profits, and wireless monitoring is the most efficient, reliable, and cost-effective way of collecting it.

But increased data on its own is not enough. It is necessary to have the right software tools to effectively and securely analyse the data.


Increased flexibility

Traditional data collecting systems rely heavily on their infrastructure and are therefore unable to be adapted without significant alteration of the underlying wiring and power supply network. As such, the equipment becomes a variable in the decision-making process, greatly reducing organisational flexibility. In contrast, wireless systems can be controlled remotely, so any required changes can be made instantly and without the need for an expensive and potentially risky overhaul. The system can grow and adapt as your needs grow and change.

All our products utilise an Administrator/User model so the administrator is always in control of the system and decides how much or how little control the various users are allowed to have.


Security upgrades

Wherever there is data, there is the risk of cybercrime, which generates a major headache for businesses. As such, companies producing wireless data monitoring have invested in considerable security upgrades such as WPA3-Enterprise enabling. Considered the gold standard for wireless network security, WPA2-Enterprise – which is also known as WPA-802.1X – includes enhanced encryption capabilities, unique user passwords, and 802.1X protocols to authenticate connections. For 2022 and beyond, this represents the cutting edge of data security, and is far safer than simply logging data on a network.

The data stored in all our products is encrypted, protecting from any unauthorised access.


Ease of installation

Quality, reliability, and price are not the only wireless data logging factors that have improved in recent years. Wireless systems combined with a reduction in size, an increased choice of mounting mechanisms, and improved software all combine to ensure that installation can be carried out in a matter of minutes. As such, contemporary systems are much more cost-effective investments than cumbersome analogue option and begin producing their enhanced results instantly.


What next?

Our devices are small, elegant, and simple to install, so if you want to increase your data reliability whilst ensuring comprehensive remote access, have a chat with one of our service team about the Signatrol range of advanced data loggers    


Image Source: Pixabay

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