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Ratifi-Cloud Data Logging Software

Ratifi-Cloud Data Logging Software

Ratifi Cloud Graphing Platform

The software package enables data to be reviewed anywhere in the world with the appropriate login. A powerful graphing tool enables various devices to be displayed simultaneously. Daily, Weekly or monthly scheduled reports can be set up and Email alarms can be set up to automatically email recipient in the event of an alarm condition.

As well as recording historical data, is a real-time monitoring system that annunciates alarms both locally and via email enabling quick and effective action to be taken. Shift planning enables multiple emails to be sent to different people depending upon the day and time the alarm occurs. Alarm data is sent as soon as an alarm condition is detected.


application examples

  • Cloud Software For Cadmus WiFi Data Loggers


Ratifi-Cloud is our premium cloud based data logging and alarming platform. When used as part of a system comprising of one or more Cadmus devices, it provides the user with inviolate data and automatically generates alarm notifications if any parameter is outside its preset limits.

Ratifi-Cloud is a high security platform with all data stored in encrypted form. It's access is restricted to authorised users and all system configurations, including user management settings and editing alarm levels, report generation etc., is controlled by the Administrator who is normally the ‘Responsible Person’ within an organisation.

The Administrator is responsible for:

- Initial set-up WiFi etc
- Setting up projects
- Adding projects
- Adding / suspending Users
- Cadmus device configuration
- Setting alarm set-points
- Setting report criteria (daily, weekly, monthly)
- Adding alarm contact details and accessibility
- Conducting audit trails 

An Authorised User can:

- View the project/devices
- View graphs and tabulated data
- Acknowledge alarms
- Generate reports
- Export data

A ‘state of the art’ graphing engine is integrated within the package to provide helpful and easy to understand trends together with an Audit Trail to facilitate compliance with recognised Quality Audit systems such as FDA 21 Part 11.

By harnessing the power of IoT, automated reports can be set up remotely via the Ratifi-Cloud providing daily, weekly and monthly reports and these can be sent to multiple emails address. This becomes vital when considering your regulatory, compliance and auditable requirements when used as part of any system that is 21 CFR Part 11 validated, as part of a hazard analysis & critical control point (HACCP) based food safety programme or, as part of your SALSA food safety certification scheme.

Ratifi-Cloud is available without a contract; contact us today to find out more.


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