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SPYMONITOR-LOCAL Graphing & Analysis Software

SPYMONITOR-LOCAL is our graphing and analysis software for use with the SPYDAQ-1000 base station

Providing a simple and easy to use interface to view the system as an overview, as a table and produce historical graphs.

If installed on an Internet enabled computer, the software can send email or SMS* alarms.

Two versions are available, SPYMONITOR-LOCAL which has a single user licence and SPYMONITOR-LOCAL-10 which is a 10 user licence.
Additional licences are available, please call the sales office to discuss your requirements.

*SMS alarms require an account with a 3rd party supplier.

spymonitor-local graph 


Computer Requirements i3 Processor (minimum)
i5 Processor (recommended)

4GB RAM (minimum)
8GB RAM (recommended)

Operating System - Windows Only.
Windows 7, 8 & 10 


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