Battery Life Calculator for SL50 series button data loggers

The SL50 series of data loggers are sealed for life with an internal battery that cannot be replaced. The loggers therefore have a life, at the end of which it must be replaced,that life depends upon a number of factors such as the sample time, the resolution and the ambient temperature they are exposed to. This tool enables the minimum product life to be calculated. For short cycle high temperature applications it is often better to consider this as the number of cycles that can be logged. 

To optimise battery life follow the rules below:

  • Use the maximum log interval that you can accept.
  • Use the lowest resolution you can accept.
  • After the test set the logger to 'disable' to stop it continuing to log.  
  • Use, wherever possible, the 'Stop When Full' mode so the logger does not carry on logging after the test. 

Logger Type

Sample Rate

Humidity Enabled

Off On


Low High

Average Temperature during Log.

Button Life =