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Are Built-In Temperature Loggers Reliable?

Many fridges and freezers are supplied with a built-in temperature logger, but are they up to the task of providing reliable and accurate readings for temperature-sensitive applications? 


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What Is A Built-In Temperature Logger?

A temperature logger is a device with one or more sensors to monitor the temperature of a fridge or freezer. Essential in food and pharmaceutical safety, a temperature logger is intended to create an accurate record of temperature fluctuations and is often connected to an alarm that alerts employees to any changes. Dangerous temperature changes can be caused by several factors, including:

  • Opening and closing the door more frequently than usual
  • Over-stocking the fridge*
  • Technical malfunctions
  • Human error

*We have identified from a variety of studies that over-stocking the fridge is the primary cause of temperature degradation


Do All Commercial Fridges And Freezers Have An In-Built Data Logger?

No. All fridges and freezers have a sensor, which is used to control the internal temperature, and which is sometimes linked to an in-built logging device. This basic sensor is used as a regulator to ensure that a general temperature range is maintained, but they do not always have precision accuracy, and they are not usually integrated into a monitoring and alerts system. Setting the dial on one fridge can produce wildly different results to the same level on another fridge. Therefore, professional applications require an additional data logger to guarantee product safety. 

In some cases, inaccurate cold storage readings can lead to the growth of pathogens or the spoilage of sensitive products which can incur substantial additional costs.


How Can I Improve Temperature Accuracy In My Fridge Or Freezer?

It is highly recommended that all cold storage units are fitted with an independent alarm and data logging system. This secondary system, entirely separate from the fridge control system, gives an extra layer of protection, and – most importantly – can be easily removed and recalibrated to ensure accuracy. This also helps with basic audits that will validate the system and ensure conformance to various standards. Having a temperature data logger that is separate to the sensor increases efficiency, accuracy, and compliance. 


What Next?

At Signatrol, we take compliance and safety seriously. If you would like to ensure accuracy in your fridges and freezers, please call 01684 299399 today to speak with one of our team about our data logging solutions for commercial cold storage units and apply for your free system assessment.


Guide To Data Loggers
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