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How Data Loggers Monitor Your Fridges and Freezers

While fridges and freezers are most commonly associated with the cold storage of perishable foods, they play a crucial role in non-food industries too. In pharmaceuticals, for example, some medicines, including vaccines, must be stored below a given temperature or they will cease to work effectively, putting patients’ health and safety at risk. Whether you rely on fridges and freezers for the cold supply chain or need them for the safe storage of other items, maintaining an optimal temperature is vital.

At Signatrol, we supply a range of temperature data loggers for different applications where temperature monitoring is essential to maintain product quality. With worldwide delivery and excellent aftersales service, we’re the first choice for all your temperature data logger needs.


Providing constant reassurance

When fridges or freezers fail to maintain a steady temperature, the contents can quickly become spoiled which can be a significant cost. In highly regulated sectors, such as the food industry, any failure of cold storage equipment can be costly, as perishable foods must not be used if stored incorrectly, because of the potential risk to consumers.

However, it is unrealistic for busy staff members to constantly check the operating temperature of fridges and freezers, so a technological solution is a sound investment. A temperature data logger with an integrated alarm, will monitor cold storage 24/7, alerting staff if an increase in temperature is detected, so your team can focus on the task in-hand, free from anxiety that vital equipment may malfunction.


Ensuring maximum efficiency

Overstocking a fridge or freezer can prevent air from circulating properly around the unit, affecting the internal temperature, and forcing the equipment to work harder. Not only does this increase your running costs, but it also increases the risk of the fridge being unable to achieve the correct temperature, leading to spoilage.

While it’s understandable that businesses may try to counteract supply chain shortages by increasing their cold chain inventory, overstocking can be problematic. A temperature data logger will provide real-time data about the performance of a fridge or freezer, so you can judge when too much stock is detrimental. With the unit running more efficiently, your business will also slash its energy consumption.


Supporting your audits and inspections

When audits or inspections take place, it’s important to have the relevant documentation ready to demonstrate compliance with industry regulations. A Wi-Fi data logger that autonomously maintains a temperature record enables you to produce the required information and carries with it greater credibility than hand-written notes. A data logger also offers more certainty that temperature measurements are accurate, unlike manual recordings which are potentially prone to human error.


Contact Signatrol to find out more

If you would like to find out more about our extensive range of compact and easy-to-use data loggers for your commercial fridges and freezers, please download ‘A Buyer’s Guide to Data Loggers’, or call us on 01684 299399.


Image Source: Unsplash

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