SL50 Series USB Interface Lead

USB communication interface for connecting the following data loggers to the computer:

SL51T / SL51T-A
SL52T / SL52T-A
SL53T / SL53T-A
SL51M / SL51M-A
SL52M / SL52M-A
SL54M / SL54M-A 

The SL50 series miniature temperature data loggers are simply pushed into the receptacle for configuration and download purposes. Once the data have been extracted or the data logger has been configured it can be removed from the interface lead and used. 

It is likely that only one interface lead will be required, even if you have a number of miniature data loggers. Multiple interface leads maybe required if multiple users or multiple sites are sharing the same data loggers.


The lead is approximately 63cm long when coiled up and 1.8m long when stretched. 

All drivers are installed when the TempIT software is installed.


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