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SL-TB Thermal Barrier

SL-TB Thermal Barrier

With the introduction of more stringent food quality programs, it is now more important than ever for food manufacturers to have documentary evidence that the produce has been cooked or chilled for the required time periods. Our thermal barriers pass through the tunnel or rotary oven with temperature sensors monitoring product core temperature as well as the air temperature throughout the oven to highlight hot spots and monitor burner efficiency. Can be used with data loggers from other manufacturers, please contact us for more information

application examples

  • Through Oven Monitoring
  • Brick Kiln Monitoring


Model   Thermal Capacity in Minutes
@Degrees Celsius
200°C 250°C 300°C 450°C 650°C 850°C
SL-TB-A 90 75 60       275 275 96 6.0
SL-TB-B 125  110 90 60     295 285 119 7.0
SL-TB-C 255 185 140 85 60 40 435 287 128 12.75
SL-TB-D 375 235 185 115 80 60 435 287 149 16.0

To view the full specification please download the datasheet below.


The SL thermal barriers allow SL7104 Multiple Channel Data Loggers to pass through your oven or chiller to provide through process data logging and temperature profiling. The system is regularly used in tunnel ovens, rotary ovens, rack ovens, spiral freezers, blast freezers, brick kilns, furnaces, powder coating and stove enamelling or any application when the data logger is to be used at temperatures outside its defined limits. 

When used in conjunction with the SL7104 data loggers, an accurate thermal profile of your heating or cooling application can be displayed in graphical or data table format. There are no trailing wires to get tangled in the conveyor or process, the whole system passes through your application giving you an accurate thermal profile of your process against time. The Thermal Barriers can hold a single SL7104 data loggers. Different heights permit increased exposure temperature, see table in the specification section. Users can benefit from this system to provide documentary evidence that original equipment is still performing to specification. Diagnostics for improvement in energy saving and product quality are all made possible when using the thermal profiling system.S

Custom designs are available if your specific requirement cannot be met with the standard thermal barriers, contact us today for more information.

select your product option

Type A 257mm x 275mm x 95mm £1,601.00 Ex.VAT
Type B 295mm x 285mm x 119mm £2,529.00 Ex.VAT
Type C 435mm x 287mm x 128mm £4,072.00 Ex.VAT
Type D 435mm x 287mm x 149mm £4,735.00 Ex.VAT