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Signatrol Data Logging Buttons Compared: The SL56T Vs The SL52T

At Signatrol, we take pride in the accuracy of our range of data logging buttons, which are designed to facilitate comprehensive temperature monitoring in a variety of applications. When even minor fluctuations in temperature can affect the effectiveness of cold storage, accurate monitoring solutions enable you to identify changes that, otherwise, could go unnoticed, and create a detailed temperature profile across an extended period that is easy to understand and interpret.

By investing in the latest data logging technology, we continue to raise the bar by delivering reliable solutions that are underpinned by ISO 9001:2015 certification. Our new data logging button, the SL56T/SL56T-A, is available, with a host of improved features that enable you to monitor your cold storage more easily and incisively.

‘A’ versions are supplied complete with a UKAS traceable calibration certificate.

What Is The SL56T/SL56T-A Data Logging Button?

The SL56T and SL56T-A are miniature, self-contained, high resolution temperature data loggers that are designed for multiple use within the temperature range -40°C to +85°C. Offering the ability to record more than 125,000 temperature logs with an accuracy of up to ±0.07°C, the SL56T/SL56T-A data logger series is suited to a range of applications, including food distribution and storage, pharmaceuticals, milk and dairy production, and contact lens manufacturing.

How Is The New SL56T/SL56T-A Different From The SL52T?

The SL56T/SL56T-A is the successor of the SL52T miniature data logging button and is used for a similar range of applications – but with several notable improvements and new features:

1) Improved Temperature Resolution

As an 8-bit model, the SL52T can only detect temperature changes in excess of 0.5°C which, on a temperature profile, results in an uneven trace line that is more difficult to interpret or to monitor prevailing patterns with. In comparison, the new 11-bit high resolution SL56T data logging button can record temperature changes as low as 0.07°C, producing a more consistent and even temperature profile that is easier to follow and understand.

2) Enhanced Data Recovery Options

Both the SL52T and the SL56T models offer a battery lifespan of between 4 and 5 years; however, if the battery starts to fail it’s crucial that you can still extract the stored data. This is only possible with the new SL56T and SL56T-A data loggers, which stores temperature readings in a non-volatile memory so that they can be recovered even if the battery has run completely flat.

3) Greater Capacity

The SL56T/SL56T-A data loggers offer a larger storage capacity compared to their predecessor, reducing the frequency of data extractions and improving their flexibility for use in different applications:

  • SL52T (low resolution): number of stored temperature readings: 8192
  • SL52T (high resolution): number of stored temperature readings: 4096
  • SL56T/SL56T-A (low resolution): number of stored temperature readings: 125,440
  • SL56T/SL56T-A (high resolution): number of stored temperature readings: 62,720

Contact Us To Find Out More

To pre-order your SL56T/SL56T-A data loggers or to find out more about our innovative product range, please get in touch today.

Image source: Unsplash 

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