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Wi-Fi Temperature Data Logger With Alarm

Wi-Fi Temperature Data Logger With Alarm

Wifi Temperature data logger or wifi temperature recorder with alarm functionality. The Cadmus wifi temperature data logger will record temperature and automatically upload to our cloud servers for remote access and provide alarms / alerts should temperatures go too high or too low.

The Cadmus range of Wi-Fi temperature data loggers together with the high security Ratifi -Cloud, enables you to remotely monitor, from anywhere in the world, your temperature & switch status requirements in almost any application including warehouse temperature monitoring, pharmaceutical storage, food processing or vaccine temperature storage.

Ratifi Cloud Graphing Platform

    application examples

    • Fridge & Freezer Monitoring
    • Environmental Monitoring
    • Vaccine Storage
    • Blood Bank Air & Core Temperature Recording


    Cadmus Wi-Fi Data Logger Specification

    • Functionality : 
      • Monitoring, alarming and storing of temperature, humidity, pulse count or contact closure data.
      • Used with Ratifi, our cloud based monitoring and data logging software.
    • Internal Sensors : 
    • External Sensors : Connection for up to two external sensors purchased separately:
    • Internal Temperature Sensor Accuracy: ±0.3°C (Standard). ±0.2°C for the A version.
    • Device Ambient Temperature: 0°C to +50°C.
    • External Temperature Sensor Measuring Range: -200°C to +400°C.
    • Device Storage Capacity : Total number of readings: 32,768 readings irrespective of channel enabled.
    • Battery  : 2 x AA Size 3.6v 2.6Ah Lithium-Thionyl-Chloride (user replaceable)
    • Battery life : 2 years 5 months at 10 minute store rate and 60 minute upload rate
    • Display : LCD displays channel, value, alarm conditions, WIFI signal strength and time.
    • Weight  : 170g 
    • Warranty : 3 Years

    To view the full specification please download the datasheet below.


    The Cadmus range of Wi-Fi data loggers together with the high security Ratifi -Cloud, enables you to remotely monitor, from anywhere in the world, your temperature, relative humidity & switch status requirements in an infinite number of applications.

    The Cadmus device, compliant to BS EN12830:2018 Class 0.2, comes with a range of temperature and humidity options offering up to 6 channels. The device is both elegant and compact allowing you to easily retro fit it to your process or application. It is intuitive and simple to use and is fully programmable over your Wi-Fi network in only a few minutes.

    Once set up, the Cadmus device can be located anywhere within your Wi-Fi network. All the data recorded is then sent to the Ratifi-Cloud. You can access this data using any internet browser via a computer/tablet/phone from anywhere in the world.

    You can program your Cadmus device with up to 4 alarms per channel. Alarm options include email alerts and local audible alarm. Additional alarms include: low battery, re-calibration due and over-due, loss of internet / late alarm. Alarms and alerts can be easily configured remotely and instantly from your computer/tablet/phone via the Ratifi-Cloud enabling the Cadmus system to adapt to your business and process requirements. For example, alarms can be sent to different individuals or groups of people working on different days or working on different shifts, providing you with greater flexibility as your business and processes evolve.

    Essential to any 21 CFR Part 11 validation system, as part of a hazard analysis & critical control point (HACCP) based food safety programme or, as part of your BRC or SALSA food safety certification scheme, the Ratifi-Cloud allows you to add and record any changes you may have made;

    • Changes to users, locations and account settings

    • Device records, any changes to settings and events

    Cadmus is WPA2-Enterprise enabled which is considered the gold standard for wireless network security, delivering over-the-air encryption and ensuring the highest level of security.

    By harnessing the power of IoT, automated reports can be set up remotely providing daily, weekly and monthly reports and can then be sent to multiple email addresses. This becomes vital when considering your regulatory compliance and auditable requirements. 

    For more information please call us on 01684 299 399 or email or click here for the data sheet

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