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Using SpYdaq to Monitor Storage Temperatures in Hospital Morgues & Mortuaries

Signatrol’s SpYdaq remote wireless temperature monitoring and data logging system is being used in hospitals to monitor the temperature of both permanent and temporary morgues & mortuaries. The SpYdaq system provides 24/7 monitoring providing you with alarm notifications via email and/or SMS should any temperature thresholds be exceeded.

The SpYdaq system is a low cost, simple to install wireless radio data logging system. The simple and reliable system compromises of a base station, our high security SpYmonitor software (PC or Cloud-based), and individual battery powered radio transmitting data loggers. The benefit of this system means that you can freely move around and secure each of the transmitters wherever needed within the hospital, morgue or mortuary. At a frequency (fully programable) required by you, the temperature information is sent from each of the radio transmitter data loggers and is securely stored in the base station or on our SpYmonitor-Cloud. Provided you have authorised access, this allows you to access this information remotely from anywhere in the world. 

You can set up hourly, daily, weekly or monthly automated reports which can be emailed to as many people as you require. Alarm notifications can be sent either by email or SMS to the relevant people who need to be notified.

SpYmonitor is our high security configuration and data analysis software platform. It provides an inviolate record of your data that cannot be tampered with or manipulated in any way and ensures that the data recorded is a true and faithful record of the temperatures recorded to within +/-0.2°C. Its important to note, that there are no additional hidden, or on-going licencing costs for this software once purchased.

Once installed our SpYdaq system requires no intervention from any of your staff and will run 24/7 and will provide any QA/QC process with the required data automatically or upon demand. It also has its own diagnostics built in so you will be informed of any batteries that are getting low or, if your re-calibration date is approaching. Typically, the batteries last 5 to 7 years and you will be able to purchase them from anywhere locally in plenty of time at low cost.

If required, we provide a UKAS traceable annual re-calibration service for the radio transmitting data loggers. This cost is only £47.00 per unit and we normally turn these around within 2 to 3 days. 

Benefits of using SpYdaq:

    • A low cost, simple to install solution providing 24/7 temperature monitoring

    • A fast delivery of your bespoke system tailored to your requirements

    • No technical expertise required

    • Real-time alarm notification via email and SMS text

    • HACCP, EN12830, FDA CFR21 Part 11 compliant

    • Access historical reports via our high security SpYmonitor software

    • Available via local PC or, via our SpYmonitor Cloud

    • Reduces errors and is quicker than taking manual infrequent readings

  • Provides frequent and accurate readings (to within +/-0.2°C), whilst providing automated reports for any audit requirements

Why use a data logging system such as SpYdaq?

We recommend our SpYdaq data logging and alarming system as a reliable solution for monitoring the storage temperature in morgues and mortuaries. SpYdaq provides almost real time information, data logging, SMS text and email alarm functions and automated reporting, without the need for manual intervention. This means if the temperature goes outside of the required temperatures, you’ll be notified quickly and can react before any damage is done. 

Its automated data recording can be accessed via our high security SpYmonitor software ensuring data is accurate and uploaded automatically at frequent and regular intervals. This eliminates the chance of any potential errors that could be made when recorded manually.

Why is storage temperature crucial for corpses or cadavers?

It is crucial that mortuary storage facilities for corpses or cadavers are kept between 2°C and 4°C to maintain and protect the bodies from decomposition. Whilst being kept at these temperatures does not prevent breakdown entirely, it’s significantly slower than if they were stored at room temperature.

The Human Tissue Authority requires establishments to ensure that they have robust temperature monitoring and alarm systems in place for all storage facilities on their premises. If the cadavers are not kept at the correct temperature, then as the body breaks down, the changes are irreversible, and the integrity of the results and establishment are put at risk. 

For more information, please contact us or call 01684 218528.

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