Wireless Data Loggers

Wireless Data Loggers

Low cost, wireless temperature data logger systems are ideal for retro fitting into existing buildings or reducing installation costs. Wireless temperature data loggers provide almost real time information, data logging, text (SMS) and email alarm functions and automated reporting, all without the need for manual intervention.

Designed to monitor and record temperature and humidity in buildings and storage areas, wireless temperature data logger systems enable easy compliance with HACCP, EN12830, FDA CFR21 Part 11 and other relevant standards where careful inviolate monitoring of storage conditions is required for quality reasons and to comply with legislation.

Signatrol have developed and patented a unique, high redundancy data package that ensures that in the event of a collision, no data will be lost, in fact, for a fully populated system, the likelihood of losing a single reading is once in every 67 years, and it is this unique innovation that has been recognised by the UK Patents Office (UK Patent No. 2479520).

The Spydaq wireless temperature data logger systems are available with three connectivity options. The first is the SPYDAQ-1000 base station that connects via USB to a local computer running the SPYMONITOR-LOCAL software to present the data in a conventional web browser. The next option is the SPYDAQ-1000-CLOUD. This version utilises the mobile telephone network to upload readings to our secure, managed servers. These servers provide automated backups and impressive reliability and up time. Access to the data is via your web browser and therefore, accessible anywhere where you have Internet access. The final option is SPYDAQ-1000-MODBUS. This version has a MODBUS interface allowing you to bring wireless signals straight into your building management, SCADA systems or PLC.

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The Cadmus device comes with a range of temperature and humidity (RH) options offering up to 6 channels.

Spydaq base station for use with a local computer using the SPYMONITOR-LOCAL software and connected via USB

Spydaq base station with cloud connectivity. This base station receives the signals from the transmitters and sends them to our secure servers

Spydaq base station with MODBUS connectivity. Ideal for getting readings direct in to SCADA software or to connect to a PLC.

Windows based software for the SpYdaq low cost wireless monitoring system

Internal wall mounted wireless temperature transmitter with on board temperature sensor. This sensor is housed in a modern, attractive enclosure

Wall mounted, wireless temperature and relative humidity sensor for the Spydaq wireless data logger system.

Wall mounted, wireless temperature, relative humidity and universal input transmitter. Can be used to measure temperature, RH and switch status.

Temperature and relative humidity transmitter in a rugged industrial enclosure with 187mm long duct sensor.

Wireless temperature sensor in a rugged industrial enclosure with the sensor mounted inside to slow the thermal response. Perfect for mounting in drafty locations.

Wireless temperature and relative humidity transmitter in a rugged industrial enclosure.

Wireless temperature sensor in a rugged industrial enclosure with 250mm x 6mm immersion sensor and 1/4" BSP compression gland

Similar to the SPYDAQ-1003-T but with a much faster thermal response. Ideal for mounting inside or out.

Wireless sensor with a universal input that can be configured to accept almost any industrial sensor or signal

Wireless temperature transmitter with the temperature sensor on a 1m flying lead.

Wireless temperature sensor with a flat, 1.5m flying lead to easily pass through door seals.

Wireless transmitter with a 1.5m flying lead temperature and relative humidity sensor

Wireless transmitter that can be used with dual sensors to monitor two separate locations within 1.5m of the transmitter

Dual temperature sensor for use with the SPYDAQ-1010 transmitter. Two sensors, 75mm long x 6mm diameter on 1.5m flying leads

Dual temperature sensor for use with the SPYDAQ-1010 transmitter. Two sensors on 1.5m flying leads