Humidity Data Loggers

Humidity Data Loggers

Signatrol provide a range of temperature and relative humidity data loggers. From the miniature SL54TH button data loggers right through to our SpYdaq wireless monitoring solution.

All of these data loggers all have internal temperature and relative humidity sensors. The SL7000 data loggers also have the ability to add external temperature and relative humidity sensors allowing two locations to monitored at the same time.

The SL54TH and SL54TH-A miniature data loggers calculate dew point and absolute humidity. 

The SL54TH-A is supplied with a UKAS 17025 traceable calibration certificate. The SL54M includes a rubberised holder with mounting eye and strong magnet to hold the data logger in place.

The Spydaq wireless temperature monitoring system allows recording of temperature and relative humidity in offices, laboratories, warehouses and event air conditioning ducts using the duct mounting sensor.

The SL54TH is our lowest cost, miniature temperature and relative humidity data logger. Incredibly small, only 17mm x 6mm

SpYdaq® is our low cost wireless monitoring and alarming system with SMS and email alerts. With a wide range of sensor combinations.

Extremely versatile data logger with many input configurations all configured in the software. Ideal for a wide range of applications

Real time data logger for temperature, humidity, light, impact and location.

SL54TH miniature temperature & humidity data logger with rubberised holder with strong magnet to make fixing easier.